Basic vs Excellence

Basic vs Excellence is an issue currently running around in our black community. We have seen a surge is stress and suicide in the last few years. There is a a great deal of pressure imposed on black men and women to be in the black excellence crowd. Basic bitches as it is so eloquently named is a derogatory sentiment, unfortunately. Being basic has lost its appeal and possibly its value. I exchange the basic with normal. Everyone is trying to be everything in every aspect of their lives. Damn, can we enjoy the wins or the accomplishments, before we move to the next challenge. Although no one remembers the second place, you should and you should enjoy the finish place.

We have been tricked into thinking we have to be the best. Remember when your parents told you, “you have to be twice as qualified and talented as the next candidate’? They lied. There is not a more simple explanation. Our parents should have told us to open our business, start our own companies, and invest in things we believe in or use. These are the only ways to really ensure a happy and enjoyable life. You compete with yourself to be better. You become a more valued asset in society. You are not stressed about making mistakes. How many of us heard any of this?

Being basic simply means you are able to accept there are times in you life where you aren’t the best. It doesn’t mean you are of less value. It doesn’t mean you need to be accepting of stagnation. It simply means there are areas you may need to work on and improve in your life. Once you learn to accept and love yourself there are no limits being put upon your life, by outside forces. Don’t fall into the trap of a few catchphrases.

You don’t have to tell me one thing about being or not being basic. BLACK EXCELLENCE is implied in spite of all we have endured and prospered through.

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