Mental and Physical Cleansing

I find myself in a pickle. I am coming to the last 20 years or so of life. I honestly believe I am going to get 70 years on this rock and be out. I have lived, found my true love, and created some amazing brats. In this journey, there has been an accumulation of baggage. Said baggage was chosen to be carried by me. I will not blame anyone for missteps or transgressions. It can be said that I strived each day to be better than the previous day. I tend to take small steps that lead to large accomplishments. I went to school to be a better citizen, not to find more lucrative employment. I chose to be a better husband to ease my wife’s life, not to have conversations about my accomplishments at dinner parties. Now we get to where I am today. I decided to be a better friend. The kicker is I have to cleanse my mental state and my physical state. How do you ask?

I decided to rid myself of deadbeat interactions with people. No matter if I have known you for 20 years or 20 minutes. If you haven’t brought growth and enjoyment into my life, you are out. This may seem cold and callous. So what if it is, I will be ok. This isn’t a save the world decision. This is a SAVE JARROD decision. At one point in your life your sanity and happiness will take precedence over everything. You will challenge your beliefs against your empirical fact gathering. You will either grow or wither and die. I chose to grow and flourish.

Check out the podcast dropping March 1, 2021. It goes deeper into this revelation, epiphany.